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Glocal Social Arts & Culture Program

The Alpha Academy Arts and Culture Program efforts are to sustain and share social community, arts and museum institutions and supports individual talented, emerging artists.We support Artists and arts institutions that value and encourage creativity, innovation and risk-taking while fostering cross-cultural conversations that transcend race, ethnicity, class, age and geography.To create a stronger and more socially just society by building the field of Arts and Culture:

How we work:
  • PRACTICE: To support convenings and training programs for artists, cultural workers and community members that impart information and skills that can be used to achieve social change.
  • COMMUNICATION: To support diverse media and innovative delivery systems that document and disseminate the work of the field.
  • POLICY: To support public policies that strengthen artistic and cultural communities and enable creators and their collaborators to create broad alliances in pursuit of common goals.


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